At The Rep Company there is a role for everybody…

With the team’s expert guidance students will be put through their paces in all aspects of performing, specialising in acting, dancing and singing. The course will also focus on the technical side providing insights into lighting sound, staging and that all important show reel.

The Course

Typically, when not rehearsing or performing the course will run for 2 four hour sessions (evenings) and 1 long day – 9.00 – 6.00 p.m. During which time workshops run by industry professionals will cover Stage Management; Lighting; Sound; Stage Fighting; Puppetry including Warhorse type sessions; Illusion; Prop Making; Voice work; Vocal Coaching.

Audition Preparation –
Schedule of activities

Please see the Calendar of Events for plays and timetables:
For plays there will be two full time weeks rehearsals and a week performing.

There will also be a radio play or serial to be performed, and recorded.